Giving, donating, bequeathing –
for the preservation of organic land


Many organic farmers fear for their life's work if they have no heirs or successors in old age. The BioHöfe Stiftung für eine zukunftsfähige Agrarkultur (BioHöfe Foundation for a sustainable agricultural culture) ensures that the farm continues to be managed organically in the interests of these farmers.

And it does so with a wealth of experience behind it: The non-profit BioHöfe Stiftung is a joint project of the Stiftung Ökologie & Landbau (SÖL) and the GLS Treuhand e.V. – both have been pioneers for a new agricultural culture in Germany for many decades.

The work of the BioHöfe Foundation is more necessary than ever: according to estimates, over 35 percent of all farmers in Germany will retire in the next ten years, including hundreds of organic farmers. However, some of them have no children or heirs who want to continue the farm or own a meadow or field. This is where the BioHöfe Foundation comes in: Anyone who wants to keep their land or their entire farm organically managed and in good hands in the future can turn to the BioHöfe Foundation. Here, interested parties receive competent advice and support pertinent to donating, endowing and gifting their property.

Moreover, one of the BioHöfe Foundation's specialties is supporting charitable projects in nature conservation and environmental protection, such as research proposals and cultural projects. These projects are by and large connected to the foundation's farms.

The BioHöfe Foundation sees itself as the sister of the BioBOden Genossenschaft eG (BioBoden cooperative), which was founded in 2015 and was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the foundation. In contrast to the new BioHöfe Foundation, BioBoden buys agricultural land and entire farms in order to pass them on to organic farmers. Both organizations share the mission of securing land and farms for organic farming. There are two ways to support this goal: by becoming a member of the BioBoden cooperative and by donating to the BioHöfe Foundation.

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